How to Style Checkered Pants

So I’ve recently been going through a huge pants phase! For someone who loves clothes more than anything, I’ve actually never been crazy about pants. But lately all I’ve been shopping for are pants in various cuts, colors, fits and patterns. And out of all of the pants I’ve purchased, checkered print pants have been my favorite and they’re also really on trend right now as well! Checkered pants are definitely something to wear when you want to make a statement because by no means are they subtle. However, if worn correctly, check pants stand out like nothing else can. Here are some tips that I find are really helpful when styling checkered print pants: 

 Solids on Top 

Now no matter what color combo your checks come in, this print shouldn’t be combined with any other pattern. I personally find that wearing a solid top is the best way to keep the overall outfit minimal and to keep all the attention on the pants. If you’re tired of the basic tee, try going for something like a mock necked T-shirt or a button down. 

Show Some Ankle 

This may seem silly at first, but showing off some ankle adds a little something-something to your look. I’m a huge fan of rolling-up the bottoms of my jeans and I follow that same step for pants as well. But if you’re not a fan of rolling, you can also buy pants that are a little shorter than your average pant length. For example, I usually wear 31” in length, but these pants are 30”. This way, the pants are already shorter than normal and it keeps my outfit looking casual but still put together. 

Pair it with Classic Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, I like to opt for more simple sneakers or something classic such as Vans. Not only are Vans easy but with so many color combos, you can find one to coordinate with the colors of your pants!

Minimal Accessories

Finally, when it comes to accessorizing, I like to keep it minimal. Personally, I prefer silver jewelry and I’ve been loving both rings and necklaces. And of course, I got to have my sunglasses at all times.

Have you been loving checkered print pants lately? Let me know down in the comments!


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