From The Great Sea

I recently had the opportunity to try a handful of wonderful grooming products from the brand, Maapilim. Maapilim is an incredible mens’ grooming and essentials brand from the Mediterranean and all of their products are created with the region’s natural oils and extracts. These wonderful ingredients are what make Maapilim’s products stand out and what makes them benefit one’s skin and hair. From shower essentials, hair and skin products to kits and more; Maapilim has something for everyone! They were also very kind to have sent me a wonderful package of goodies to try out and I am so excited to tell you guys about them! 

One of my favorite products is the Travel Kit. Maapilim’s Travel Kit is the perfect set to carry with you when traveling because it includes all 3 showers essentials; conditioner, shampoo and soap, in conveniently TSA-approved bottles! I absolutely love this kit because it’s also a great way for one to try different products in one purchase. The products themselves have a really nice, fresh woodsy scent to them and they're created with ingredients such as Argan oil, Spearmint oil, Coriander oil and Sage oil. All three products are now a part of my shower routine because of how amazing they smell and how well they work to refresh my hair and body. 

The second product that has become an absolute must in my routine is Maapilim’s Beard Softener. The beard softener is an amazing product to use to soften and moisturize your beard and to keep the hair clean and healthy. To use the beard softener as directed; massage it into your beard after shampooing and leave for two minutes, then rinse with warm water. By doing this once or twice a week, you’re left with really healthy skin and facial hair. However, I have actually found the beard softener to work really well as a pre-shave oil too! I had the bright idea of trying the beard softener as a pre-shave oil in my grooming routine and have found it to deliver excellent results! Before shaving, it is crucial to apply any pre-shave oil anyway, in order to soften the beard hair and reduce redness and/or ingrown hairs. I found my skin feeling very refreshed and moisturized after each shave and I love the earthy, woodsy scent to it as well. Like the shower essentials, the beard softener is made with Argan, Jojoba and Rosemary oils to leave the skin clean, moisturized and fresh! 

Maapilim has become one of my new favorite grooming brands and I loved incorporating these products into my everyday routines. The region’s iconic oils and extracts are what sets Maapilim apart from other brands and delivers excellent results! You can learn more about Maapilim and shop their great collection of essentials such as the Travel Kit or Beard Softener here:




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