Mask Monday: Le Labo Masque Visage


#MaskMondays are definitely a good way to relieve Monday blues. I mean, come on, who really likes Mondays right? You’d be surprised at how an extra 10-20 minutes of doing a mask changes your mood! But with so many face masks on the market; how do you know which one to try first?

Today, I wanted to talk about Le Labo’s Face Mask…and yes, it’s literally just called ‘Face Mask’. Well, to be more specific, it’s a charcoal face mask. I’ve been using this mask for about two weeks now and it’s been such an amazing addition to my grooming routine. My favorite thing about this face mask is the fact that it’s for all skin types! Yes, whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, you can use it! For someone with really sensitive and dry skin, this mask makes my skin feel very hydrated and repaired. 

Besides the mask working for all skin types, the ingredients are amazing as well! With a blend composed of charcoal, shea butter, avocado oil, bitter almond extract and cocoa butter — there’s an ingredient to target every skin care concern. The charcoal is great for detoxifying your skin and removing all the dirt and excess oils. On the other hand, the bitter almond extract is great for cleansing the skin. Finally, the avocado oil and cocoa butter repair and nourish the skin leaving it smooth and even. 

The first thing you’ll notice after opening the jar is the mask’s beautiful, dark grey color. The mask is also fragrance free but that’s up to you to decide of it’s a pro or a con. Now as the directions say, “Leave on for about 10 minutes," but I’ll actually leave it on for about 20. I’ve found that leaving the mask on for a longer period of time doesn’t do any harm. However, as with all face masks, you want to make sure to apply it to clean, dry skin and rinse according to mask instructions. I love using this mask as my last step in my grooming routine just before moisturizing. After rinsing off the mask, my skin feels very smooth and repaired. I’ll also use it 2 or 3 times a week just as directed. Oh and, a little goes a long way with this mask!

If you’re looking to try a new face mask and completely nourish and repair your skin, I highly recommend Le Labo’s Face Mask! Let me know what you guys think of this mask and if you decide to try it out, make sure to tag me on Instagram! Also, sound off below and let me know which face masks you think I should try.



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