Five Favorite Fragrances For Fall


My absolute favorite part of getting ready is spraying on a fragrance. There’s nothing else that makes you feel as ready-to-go as wearing a great scent. In my opinion, how you smell is one of the biggest ways to attract someone… but that’s besides the point ;) Nonetheless, I’m definitely a scent driven person — from candles, fragrances, shampoos, I love them all. That being said, I think I know a thing or two about fragrances and I can certainly say, some fragrances are better for specific seasons. As fall quickly approaches, I rounded up my favorite fragrances that I like to wear mainly in the color months, that would make great additions to your fall collection. 

1.) Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Jazz Club - If I’m being totally honest, the Maison Margiela REPLICA line is a relatively new discovery for me. However, I can honestly say, Jazz Club is one of the fragrances I would have to put in my ‘top threes’. This fragrance is the perfect blend of pink pepper, tobacco and spice. It’s strong but not too strong — and makes you feel as if you were actually in a lavish jazz club. 


2.) Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme - Now out of all of the fragrances in this post, this one is the spiciest… I mean figures right? With the fragrance’s main accords being spice, vanilla and tobacco, it’s the perfect option when it comes to going out somewhere dressier or special during the cooler months.

3.) Le Labo Labdanum 18 - It’s no secret that Le Labo makes some of the best fragrances, but this one in particular, happens to be my favorite from them. There’s really no better way for me to describe this fragrance other than, “boujee baby powder”, no kidding! Labdanum 18 is a great choice to wear during the day. It’s a softer fragrance but still combines labdanum, vanilla and patchouli to create an overall amazing scent. 

4.) Diptyque L’eau de L’eau - L’eau de L’eau is one of those scents you either love or you don’t. It’s a really striking combination of mandarin, ginger and spice but gets lighter and lighter the longer you wear it. This is another one you can wear during the day, but with a little touch up, you can wear it all night long as well. 

5.) Tom Ford Black Orchid - Where do I even start with this one? Tom Ford fragrances in my opinion are the holy grails when it comes to fragrances! I definitely have more than one fragrance from him, but Black Orchid especially works really well for fall. This ones a stunning combination of orchid, tuber, vanilla and patchouli so it’s sweeter but not overpowering.

If there are any fragrances you think I should check out, leave me a comment! Also, sound off below and tell me which fragrances are your favorite? 


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