Why You Need a Blazer This Season


One of the best things you can have in your wardrobe is a nice fitting blazer. It’s amazing how much a blazer can effortlessly elevate your look. With so many different cuts and color combos, there’s a blazer out there for you! Recently, I picked up three blazers that I knew I’d be able to style, versatilely throughout the fall and winter seasons. Although all are in completely different patterns, they fit me perfectly. Today, I wanted to talk about why you need a blazer this season and how it’ll become your new wardrobe staple. 

From Casual to Formal 

If there’s any way to transition your outfit from casual to formal (or at least semi-formal), it’s with a blazer. The polished look that a blazer gives is unlike any other type of jacket! So by throwing one on over your outfit, you’ll look way more put together. For example, take the basic tee + denim jeans and sneaker outfit formula, but wear a solid colored blazer over it to elevate your outfit for the night time. A blazer can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and how you style it of course. 

Incredibly Versatile 

Unlike a suit jacket, blazers are cut much more casually, therefore allowing you to wear them more often. This makes blazers incredibly versatile because you can pair them with almost anything! From jeans to chinos to pants and even shorts — blazers will work. Depending on the blazer itself, you can incorporate them in many different styles as well. One of the ways I’m looking forward to wearing my blazers this season are over hoodies. The layered look of something more classy like a blazer with something more casual like a hoodie will give an overall edgy, streetwear vibe to the outfit.

Something Different

With so many types of jackets to wear, I think blazers are always left towards the end of the list. But by replacing one of your go-to jackets for a blazer, it’ll be the perfect way to not only stay warm during the cooler season but also to look more sophisticated without any effort!

There’s a Blazer for Everyone 

As mentioned above, there’s a blazer for everyone and I don’t say this loosely! From plaid, to pinstripe, to checkered and more — you can definitely find one to fit your personal style. My favorites are any checkered or plaid blazers because of the funky color combos. However, if you don’t own any yet, I recommend you shop for solid colored blazers before picking up some patterned ones.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and got some inspiration to start incorporating blazers in your wardrobe as well! You can also shop my favorites directly through the blog post! Let me know which style is your favorite down in the comments!


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