Current Grooming Routine

If you know me, even remotely, you know that I absolutely love Aēsop. It all started about a year ago when I began incorporating some of their products into my everyday routine which then later transitioned to me replacing most of my grooming products to be mainly Aēsop. For those who don’t know; Aēsop is a skin, hair and body care brand from Melbourne, Australia. With extensive attention to detail behind every product and the formulation of plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, these products do wonders for your skin, hair and body. 

For someone who has really sensitive and dry skin, I needed to find a brand that was as gentle and fresh as possible. Even before switching to mainly Aēsop, I noticed a significant change in my skins texture and complexion just from incorporating a few products at first, but I finally decided to switch over to mostly Aēsop and have one go-to brand for all my grooming needs. After all, it is best to use every product in a certain line to see the best results as they work well together when used cohesively. I must say, now that most of my products are Aēsop, my skin has never looked brighter and felt better. This stuff really works! 

As far as my everyday grooming routine goes, these are the products I use (in this particular order) to keep my skin at its best: 




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