From New York, With Love

In case you guys can’t tell by now, I kind of love grooming products and fragrances. I mean there’s so many brands and products out there, it’s impossible not to buy! One of my favorite brands of fragrances, candles and now men’s grooming products (with the recent launch of their new men’s grooming line) is Le Labo. Without question, Le Labo fragrances are impeccable, essential and will make you smell irresistible (or so I’m told). Begun in New York and now very popular everywhere, Le Labo continues to create some of the best fragrances you can buy. 

I recently took a trip down to my favorite Le Labo store in Silverlake, Los Angeles, and grabbed a few things I knew I would love. I purchased what happened to be my new favorite cologne, Labdanum 18. Now, although Le Labo is known for their infamous Santal 33, it really doesn’t hit the fragrance notes I go for (patchouli, amber, floral and tobacco). However, even though Labdanum 18 doesn’t necessarily have all of those fragrance notes, it does combine French labdanum, musk and vanilla. In a nutshell, Labdanum 18 smells like really fresh, bougie baby powder…no joke! But trust me when I say, it smells so damn good and a little goes a long way (as all Le Labo fragrances do)!

When I purchased my bottle of Labdanum 18, I purchased it in the Discovery Set + 50ml bottle. The discovery kit includes all twelve Le Labo fragrances in sample sizes and a gift card which can be redeemed for a 50ml size bottle fragrance. This is great because not only do you get to try all twelve fragrances Le Labo has but you can also pick your favorite one to have in a larger size. Oh, and did I mention they hand-blend your fragrance once you pick it out? I also picked up the men’s grooming Discovery Set because I was eager to try the new products; so what better way to try them than buying a set? The men’s grooming discovery set includes: shaving cream, after-shave balm, face lotion and face bronzer, all in sample sizes - perfect for travel too! Finally, I thought it was really important to pick up the Rose 31 Body Bar for showering. It is incredibly moisturizing and smells very good. Once I use up all these goodies, I know I have to go back and get more. If you’re in the market for a new fragrance or a treat-yo-self, stop by any Le Labo store and discover your new favorite scent because, as printed on my bottle, “U deserve it”. 



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