What to Wear on Your Next Night Out During Fall


Since we’re officially in fall, I’m planning out looks for literally any occasion! I think most of it has to do with the trends we tend to see once fall rolls around and if you ask me; there’s nothing like fall fashion. From the different silhouettes, materials and layers, I love to get dressed up during the cooler nights. So, if you too are wondering what to wear on your next night out during the season - I have some tips that I will definitely help you out… 

Change Up Your Pant Game

One way to really stand out is by wearing pants that separate you from everyone else’s. Nix the chinos and jeans and go for something more dressy such as silk suit pants or wide-leg pants. The pants I’m wearing today are the perfect shade of dark blue and can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. I also love the burgundy stripes that run down the inner legs, it adds just the right amount of detail. 

Solid Knits with Structural Details

Since your pants are now the star of the show, stick with something simple but complimentary for up top such as a short-sleeve sweater. If it’s too cold where you live, you can of-course go for long sleeve. However, neutrals are your best friend in this case because we don’t want to take away from the pants. If I’m wearing a solid knit, I prefer to wear one with structural details such as a mock-neck or elbow patches if its long sleeve for a little bit of detail. My sweater today is a recent pick-up and I absolutely love the light cream color and the relaxed fit of it. 

Opt for Minimal Sneakers 

When it comes to going out, sneakers are still my go-to’s unless the event is totally formal. But, there is a catch to this — they have to be minimal! Going back to the same idea for tops, less is more, and you don’t want something too busy or too colorful. Save the bright colored sneakers for summer and instead go for something more dressy. Solid brown, leather sneakers or beige, perforated sneakers like the ones I’m wearing today are perfect to wear with a variety of outfits throughout the season whether it’s at night or even during the day. 

Go Gold and Smell Bold 

As far as accessories go, I’m not a jewelry person. However, I do love my watches and sunglasses so I always wear both! Minimal and timeless designs are what I go for and my favorite accessories are no exception. For example, the hardware on my watch today is gold, but the strap is black so it pairs well with almost any outfit. Finally, in my opinion, gold details are more formal anyway, so its perfect for a dressier night out. To completely finish off your look, don’t forget to spray on a really nice fragrance. Not only will you smell amazing, you also won’t forget about your night out. 

Let me know how you guys like to dress up for a snazzy night out and what your going-out wardrobe staples are in the comments! 


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