Stepping Outside of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

(Similar jacket & tee linked)

(Similar jacket & tee linked)

The hardest question for me to answer is, “How would you describe your personal style?” The reason for that is because of how eclectic my style is. I love all kinds of fashion styles and never stick to one in specific which is why my wardrobe is always changing. The clothing pieces I’ll pair together are also usually from different fashion styles themselves. For example, one day I’ll wear slacks + a blazer and the next day I’ll wear color-block sweatpants and sneakers. I simply wear whatever catches my eye and whatever I think I’ll enjoy wearing. 

However, I still find myself repeating the same outfit formulas and trends as I’ve worn before and when I catch myself doing so, I know it’s time to change it up. Stepping out of my fashion comfort zone is something I’m actually very comfortable with but I know sometimes it can be a little scary. Today, I wanted to share my favorite tips on how you can step outside of your fashion comfort zone. 

Experiment with Different Colors 

This is probably the easiest way to change up your usual style and its’ also my favorite way to step out of my fashion comfort zone. For example, take my denim jacket from today’s post; everyone is used to wearing blue denim jackets, whether that be a light or dark rinse. You can easily go for something out of the box by changing its color. This bright pink denim jacket from Barney Cools is one of my favorite jackets I own and I always get compliments/questions about it when I wear it out. It’s a standard wardrobe piece that got an update with an attention-drawing color. If you normally wear the same color palette over and over, try switching it up for different colors. 

Opt for an Oversized Fit 

I don’t know about you, but I usually like my clothes to be fitted regardless of the piece. However, when I want to change it up, I go for oversized. I’ve been seeing the oversized look going around for quite some time now and it’s something I want to incorporate more of in my style in 2019. An oversized fit gives you an effortless, comfortable look that you can’t get from something fitted. So, if you normally like your clothes fitted, don’t fear the oversized look and opt for that fit the next time you’re out shopping. 

Patterns are Your Best Friend 

Another easy way to step out of your fashion comfort zone is by incorporating new patterns or prints that you wouldn’t normally wear. Whether those are florals, stripes, zigzags, etc., changing up something as easy as the print is an easy way to try wearing different styles while also having the freedom to choose for yourself. 

Work with What You’ve Got But Give it a Twist

This may seem a little contradicting at first, but I promise it works! Sometimes all it takes is wearing what we already have but wearing it differently. For example, tuck in/out your shirt, cuff your jeans, change your shoe laces, layer it up, crop your graphic tee or even DIY one of your pieces and turn it into something new. Although you have this item in your wardrobe, you can easily change up the style by wearing it with a new twist. 

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and hopefully got some inspiration for your next fit! Let me know how you like to step out of your fashion comfort zone down in the comments!


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