My Favorite Camel Coat

Similar outfit pieces linked below:

Similar outfit pieces linked below:

This winter season, there are two things I’ve really been obsessed with: turtlenecks and my favorite camel coat. Camel coats are such wardrobe staples and they’re also one of those pieces that will never go out of style which makes investing in one totally worth it.

My favorite part of wearing a camel coat is the polished, sophisticated look it gives your outfit. Today, I paired my coat with a floral button-down, simple black sweatpants and Dr. Martens boots. Although the overall outfit is pretty laid-back, the camel coat adds a “classy” touch. I’ve also been wearing my coat over other wardrobe staples such as sweaters and dress shirts. What I love the most about camel coats is how versatile they are — you can wear it with almost anything!  

This specific coat is from Asos but you can find camel coats almost everywhere (my favorites are listed below)! What makes this camel coat my favorite is the color of it, this one is not too dark and not too light, it’s just right. I also like the length of it as well. For someone who isn’t very tall, it hits me at the perfect length — just at the knees. Finally, I love the fit of it as well, it’s not exactly fitted but it’s also not oversized/baggy. 

There’s so much you can do with a camel coat and each winter season is an opportunity to find new ways of wearing one. From casual to formal, the camel coat will be your new best friend! 

Are you a fan of the camel coat? Let me know down in the comments! 

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