What's In My Backpack


I don’t know about you but I’m always interested in finding out what other people carry in their backpack. Now provided I am a full-time student, blogger and have a separate job, I just have a lot of necessities to keep with me! Backpacks are also my favorite types of bags because I love how easy they are to carry and the convenience of having my hands free. Whether it's during school semesters or my day-to-day schedule, I’m always carrying a backpack with me with all of my essentials! 

The backpack I carry with me everyday is from one of my all-time favorite designers, Alexander McQueen. It’s the Alexander McQueen Skull Jacquard & Leather Backpack to be exact. I got this backpack last summer and it’s literally my favorite backpack I’ve ever purchased! I love everything about this bag, from the design to the craftsmanship to the hardware, but my favorite thing about it is its minimal silhouette. I love the navy blue jacquard with the black leather trim — it goes with every outfit. (Now unfortunately, you can’t buy this backpack anymore since it was from last year. However, I have linked similar ones from McQueen that you guys can check out). This backpack has been everywhere with me and still continues to be my first option because of how much it can carry! 


So, here are my everyday must-have items: 

  • Laptop (Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get ANY work done).

  • The Mr Porter Post or that month’s GQ Magazine (My two favorite reads).

  • The Five Minute Journal (I love journaling anytime I get a chance and The Five Minute Journal is great for practicing gratitude).

  • Planner (I’m definitely a pen & paper person when it comes to planning).

  • My Wallet (Kingsnake print for the win).

  • Sunglasses (These guys are Ray-Ban Clubmasters…classic).

  • Phone Charger (For someone who’s on their phone all day, it’s definitely a must have + this one from Ventev not only charges your phone quickly but also has a really sleek design).

  • Watch (Believe it or not but I do carry a watch in my backpack just in case I forget to wear one before leaving the house).

  • Aēsop Facial Hydrosol (I talked about this in my 'Current Grooming Routine' blogpost but anytime my skin is feeling dry, a couple of sprits of this works wonders).

  • Hand Balm (My hands get really dry even during the warmer months and this one from Diptyque not only smells amazing but immediately hydrates my hands).

  • Lip Cream (Because who wants chapped lips?).

  • And finally, a few sample sized fragrances (Again, in case I forget or want to freshen up throughout the day).


Similar backpacks from Alexander McQueen:

AM - Black Camo Jacquard Backpack

AM - Mini Skull Leather Backpack 

AM - Exploded Studded Skull Backpack 

AM - Small Jacquard  Skull Backpack 


And that’s everything I carry in my backpack! Hopefully this gave you a few ideas of what you can add in your bag/backpack and let me know what your everyday must haves are down below!


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