My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions + Tips for How to Keep Yours

Photo:  Pinterest  // Edit:  Unfold

Photo: Pinterest // Edit: Unfold

Well, guys, here we are… 2019! First, I’d like to start off by saying Happy New Year! I hope you guys had an amazing start to the new year and an even better first week of January. With that being said, I think my favorite part of a new year is coming up with my New Year’s resolutions. However, I speak for myself and I think many others when I say that resolutions are sometimes hard to keep and we can definitely get carried away with the pressure of trying to meet the goals we set. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to them over the past couple of years that I finally broke the code on how staying committed to my resolutions work. 

Today, I wanted to share my 2019 resolutions to not only inspire you guys with your New Year’s resolutions, but to also let someone else in on what I’m personally trying to accomplish this year. Some are no brainers and some are things I just want to do. Aside from my resolutions, I also wanted to share some tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years to make accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions much easier.

My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions: 

1.) Travel to a new country… or two. 

2.) Cross off something from my bucket list (maybe skydiving)?

3.) If it scares me, I’m going to do it. 

4.) Read at least one book (because I am not a book reader)! 

5.) Start filming videos rather than always relying on photos.

6.) Eat as clean as possible. 

7.) Get back into my love for cooking.

8.) Do an Instagram takeover for X brand/company. 

9.) Publish at least two blog posts a week. 

10.) Design/produce something I’d personally wear (perhaps a graphic tee or button down). 

Although some of my resolutions sound simple, they’re things I want to work on nonetheless. One of the things I’ve learned about New Year’s Resolutions is that it’s not about how grand it is but it’s about if it’s realistic or not. This brings me to my first of a few tips that I think will help you and myself, stay committed to our resolutions. 

Make Your Goals as Realistic as Possible 

I’m totally guilty of trying to set goals for myself that aren’t realistically possible and the outcome is always unmet because of the goal itself. For example, one my resolutions this year is to read at least one book. For someone who doesn’t read books, it would be unrealistic for me to set the goal of one book per month, but instead, I set out a goal to read at least one for the whole year at first. Sometimes you really do need to take baby steps in order to achieve your goals and resolutions. That brings me to my second tip, which is… 

Start with Baby Steps 

As cheesy as this sounds, starting small and working your way up to bigger steps/achievements will make reaching your goals that much more possible. This ties in with setting realistic goals because as unfortunate as it is, we can’t go from 0-100 without any of the ground work. I think the best way to do this is to divide the work up into different sections and plan out how you will use your time to check off each baby step in order to have more time for the harder aspects of your bigger, overall goal. 

Use Planners/Calendars 

I can’t stress how important this one is! Nothing gives me more anxiety than when people tell me that they don’t write anything down or do not use calendars! With so many steps and resolutions to meet, checking-in and planning ahead is the best way to ensure that you’re reaching your goal(s) even if they’re simple to-do list items. Using a planner or calendar will also visually map out your month to give you a clearer idea of what’s to come next. 

Celebrate The Little Things

Just because you’re taking baby steps or haven’t achieved your end goal yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate what you’ve done so far. Every component of your plan deserves to be celebrated and reflected upon because you’re literally checking off the steps that will help you keep your resolution. 

Don’t be Discouraged if Something Doesn’t Turn Out as Planned

This is the one I’m guilty of the most. It’s really easy to get discouraged along the way (even if our resolutions are simple) but a minor bump in your plan isn’t the end of the world! Sometimes things don’t turn out as you plan or take longer than expected but that’s totally okay! Let’s say I missed a deadline for something; is it bad? A little bit. But does it mean I won’t be able to accomplish anything else? Absolutely not! Trial and error is the way to go and it’s also the best way to learn from your mistakes. 

How do you stay committed to your resolutions? Let me know in the comments! I wish you guys the best of luck on your New Year’s resolutions and I hope everyone has an amazing 2019! 

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