Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking


Now that we’re right in the spring season and very soon to be summer season of course, floral prints are everywhere! There’s nothing more quintessential for the warmer months than floral prints. I mean, have you ever seen a spring or summer go by that doesn’t include any floral? No, and here’s why, it’s a classic print! Floral for me is as classic as leopard print — these prints will never go out of style… well in my eyes at least. 

Once winter comes to an end, I always find myself shopping for floral printed anything, really. I love floral printed shorts, T-shirts, shoes with floral accents, but my favorite way to wear floral is on button down shirts! Whether or not the print is dark or light, I love the “vacation look” that floral button downs give! Every year I end up buying more floral printed button downs than I can wear. However, on the upside, you can wear floral prints for both the spring and summer months so you can get away with wearing floral for quite a while. Also, did I mention how easy it is to find floral prints during the warmer months? They’re literally everywhere!  

One of my favorite things about wearing floral button downs is the fact you can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion. For today’s look, I keep it really simple and casual but I could easily dress up my printed button down with something like black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots for a more put-together look. This light blue button down is a recent pick-up of mine from Barney Cools and it’s been such a staple so far! I love the light weight weave and color combo of the shirt. I decided to pair it with my Barney Cools B. Quick Track Pants and white Reebok sneakers (similar one linked) for a more casual vibe but again, the possibilities are endless. 

If you guys are looking to incorporate floral printed button downs into your wardrobe, I have a few of my favorites listed below. Also sound off below and tell me how you like to wear your floral prints!


Some floral favorites: 

BC Tourist Short Sleeve Acid Flower Shirt (Shirt worn)

BC Holiday Black Floral Shirt (Also picked up recently!) 

BC Tourist Pink Floral Shirt (Love the pink tones on this one!)

UO Wandering Rose Button-Down Shirt (Love the roses on this shirt)

UO Palm Rayon Button-Down (On my list of "needs not wants") 



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