Seattle Travel Guide + Recap

View from my room!

View from my room!


Last month, I got to visit one of the cities that I’ve been wanting to travel to for a long time – Seattle, Washington. Since it was my birthday, I knew I had to go somewhere special andmemorable of course. For a total city boy like myself, Seattle was on my list of top cities I needed to visit as soon as possible and my birthday weekend was the perfect opportunity to do so. Although my trip was just four days, it was the perfect amount of time to do everything from sightseeing, drinking plenty of coffee and shooting lots of pictures! Seattle is such a magical city with so much to see so and if you’re thinking about traveling there (which you totally should!), here is my Seattle travel guide.

While in Seattle, I stayed at Hotel Theodore; an amazing boutique hotel with everything you need to make it feel like home, including a restaurant (Rider), lobby café and impeccable hospitality/amenities. What really caught my attention was the hotel’s stunning décor/architecture and the history behind it as well. In fact, it first opened as Roosevelt Hotel in 1929 where it was actually the tallest building in the city at that time! Lastly, it’s location makes touring the Seattle super convenient as it’s just minutes away from the city’s main attractions. Hotel Theodore definitely embodies the Emerald City perfectly! 


Once I was all checked in, it was time to visit some of the iconic landmarks of Seattle. Firstly, Pike’s Place Market, which is the city’s ultimate tourist destination for their farmer’s markets, restaurants and coffee shops. The marketplace is very similar to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf – it meets the waterfront and there is lots of seafood, vendors and some very cool attractions such as the Gum Wall. Next, it was time to ride the Seattle Great Wheel which gives you the most stunning view of both the city and the waterfront. It also gives you the opportunity to take some amazing pictures. Finally, it was time to visit the infamous Original Starbucks! Ah, this is where it all started and in case you were wondering, there isa line to get in but totally worth it! I mean, how can you visit Seattle and not go to the very first Starbucks, right? 


Now aside from the Original Starbucks, Seattle has a Starbucks location literally on every block and they’re all very busy. My favorite one was the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room located in Capitol Hill – so good, I went twice! Unlike normal Reserves, this one had a separate roasting area as well as a café (Princi) where you could grab a bite to eat. It also included a coffee bar, Mixology bar and separate menus for tasting all of the delicious coffee. In a nut shell, this Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a coffee lovers paradise! I highly recommend going here!

Inside the Original Starbucks

Inside the Original Starbucks

What I didn’t expect was how similar Seattle is to San Francisco (I think this is why I loved it so much)! It’s definitely an urban city with lots of people and tons of cafés, coffee shops, boutiques, malls and restaurants. A lot of the exploring is done best by just walking around the city and checking out anything that catches your attention. For example, I personally loved going to the boutiques as well as many other stores I like to shop from such as Le Labo and Stüssy. Also similarly to San Francisco, Seattle has some of the coolest neighborhoods and streets I’ve ever seen.

But after tons of walking, drinking countless cups of coffee and a little too much shopping, it was time to pack and come back home. I loved Seattle so much and I hope I can go back and visit real soon! (For more pictures, you guys can also check out my Instagram story highlight on Seattle). 

As always, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blogpost! Have you been to Seattle or have thought about going? Let me know down in the comments!

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